Laboratory Equipment
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Laboratory Equipment

Turkey’s dental clinic and laboratory equipment


The products of leading brands are used in our dental clinic. Devices such as W&H, KaVo, Hilux, Cominox, RSV Rvg are high-tech devices.


The materials used in the clinic in Istanbul are only used by leading manufacturers, e.g. Swiss Plus / Zimmer- Dental, 3I & 3M are used.


In order to achieve the best results for our patients by working as a partner with Turkey in the field of dental laboratory is one of the best, certified and offers perfect solutions with quality products.


Contact Us

Ask Your Doctor

You can send us a dental x-ray or a photo.
With the x-rays and photos you send to us, we prepare you a pre-treatment and cost plan and send it within 24 hours. Then our call center will help you.


WhatsApp Line

You can reach our Communication Representatives in Call Center via WhatsApp …

P: +90 543 872 60 74


Learn Fee Information

For all your questions about payment methods, you can get information from our Call Center.