Cordless Dental Correction
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Cordless Dental Correction

Orthodontic science, which means straightening teeth in Latin, is a specialty in dentistry. It tries to bring the alignment problems of the teeth in the mouth and the relationship between the lower jaw and the upper jaw to the ideal position. Orthodontic treatment is a treatment that functions both aesthetically and functionally. Thanks to the orthodontic treatment, it will be possible to have a more beautiful smile. Correcting curved teeth will prevent both the digestive system from working healthier and the accumulation of food residues on the teeth. In this way, it will be possible to prevent dental caries.


The orthodontics discipline corrects by disrupting tooth structure due to negative behaviors such as nail eating, finger sucking, mouth breathing. Today, it is possible to correct curved teeth with the help of metal wires, that is, brackets. In addition, if it is desired to look aesthetic, ceramic brackets can be used instead of metal. It can be used with ceramic brackets or plastic brackets for aesthetic appearance.


Today, another orthodontic treatment method is the correction of curved teeth with the transparent plaque method. They are prepared with the help of computer according to the ideal location of the transparent appliance teeth. During the treatment period, 8-15 plates are prepared. These plates are changed in certain periods and used sequentially. Each time the plates are replaced, the teeth are exerted and the teeth are pushed into the position they should be. Transparent plates that should be worn for 22 hours a day should be removed while eating. It is possible to continue your private life by removing plaques on very special days. However, treatment may fail and fail when the plates are not attached regularly.


Are transparent braces and transparent plaques the same?

The transparent appliance (transparent plate) used for the correction of curved teeth is usually mixed with the transparent braces.


In the transparent appliance, plaque is prepared on the tooth. The patient can insert and remove the plate himself. In this way, as long as the plate is in the mouth, the tooth is moved by applying force to the tooth.


When it is called transparent braces, there is a method in which force is applied by pushing with the arc wire passing through the brackets adhered on the tooth. The bracket material that is fixedly attached to the tooth is made of plastic or porcelain material. It is necessary to know that there is a treatment applied by sticking on the teeth.


How much are the orthodontic treatment fees for transparent appliance and transparent braces?

According to the difficulty of orthodontic treatment, the materials to be used and the effort will be different. therefore, the price may be higher in patients with severe problems. For simple cases, the cost of orthodontics treatment may be cheaper than we think. What needs to be done is to make an appointment for the orthodontic specialist of patients who complain about Curve teeth, and to learn the treatment prices to be made when they come and act accordingly.


It is thought that orthodontic treatment is commonly applied to children in the community. In fact, orthodontic treatment can be successfully applied to people of all ages. It is recommended to perform the treatment especially in adolescence in order to have a short treatment and good results.


You can get information from our clinic for the best correction advice to be applied to your teeth.



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