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What We Smile With Health

Be sure to examine our patients who had healthy smiles before and after treatment at our Swissmed Dental Clinic.


Bonding & Whitening

It is a very popular aesthetic dentistry application that has no harm to the teeth and can be applied very quickly.

Guarantee in Dental Treatment

For implant treatments, lifetime, metal-supported porcelain, zirconium, removable dentures, inlays, impress lamina treatments.

Getting New Teeth in a Day

Get Your New Tooth in a Day. You can have new teeth on the same day with the current technologies of our clinic.

All On Four – Pro Arch

All on four technique is a technique that has been used for 10 years and has proven scientific success.

Health tourism

Turkey; Thanks to the reform and improvements it has made in the field of health in the last decade, it is ready to receive its share in the world health tourism market.

Zirconium and Veneer Porcelain

Perfect and white teeth are the desire of many people. This request is made thanks to Zirconium or Veneer.

Swissmed Dental

Our Bonding & Whitening Treatments

It is a very successful technique used in the aesthetic correction of tooth fractures, gaps, deformities and some position disorders.

Swissmed Dental

Our Solution to Dentist Fear

Are you very uncomfortable during dental treatment? Then Treatment with Sedation applied by our General Anesthesia Doctor is for you.

Swissmed Dental

Get Your New Tooth in a Day

You can have new teeth on the same day with the current technologies of our clinic. CEREC is a CAD / CAM system for all ceramic restorations specially designed for our patients in a single appointment.

Swissmed Dental

Laboratory Equipment

The products of leading brands are used in our dental clinic. Devices such as W&H, KaVo, Hilux, Cominox, RSV Rvg are high-tech devices.


Pertev Kökdemir – What is Zirconium Treatment? What are the Advantages? and Things to Watch Out for?

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