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E-max crown is a full porcelain variety. It can be used as an infrastructure and porcelain can be made on it, or it can be made directly as a single piece.


In which situations can E-max crown / bridge prosthesis be applied?
E-max crowns can be used for aesthetic purposes in cases where cutting teeth, canine teeth and small molars are required.
E-max bridge prostheses can only be applied in single tooth deficiencies.


They cannot take measurements Is this method suitable for me?
With E-max, the measurement is taken by mouth scanning method, so that our patient is treated without gagging.


Are there full porcelain applications other than zirconium crowns and e-max crowns?
With the development of computer design and production technology (CAD-CAM) in dentistry, many full porcelain materials have been developed.


What is the difference between zirconium crown and e-max crown?
E-max crowns and zirconium crowns are both aesthetic dentistry applications. Since the light transmittance of E-max crowns is higher than zirconium crowns, a more natural and aesthetic appearance is obtained in cases where E-max crowns are applied. Zirconium crowns are more durable than E-max crowns. In cases where there is more than one tooth deficiency, zirconium bridge prostheses are applied because E-max bridge prostheses cannot be applied due to their fragility.


Why zirconium / e-max dentures have a better aesthetic appearance than metal-supported porcelain dentures?
The infrastructure of the porcelain crown / bridge prosthesis applied in the routine is a gray metal alloy. These metal-supported porcelain crown / bridge prostheses create a gray reflection in the gingival area, especially when applied to the anterior region teeth. The gum appears to be gray. The reason for this image is that the metal alloy in the substrate of the porcelain coat dissolves and accumulates in the gum area over time. In addition, due to the metal structure of the substrate, the light transmittance of the porcelain decreases and these restorations (coatings) appear in a dull matte color. Due to these aesthetic problems, the use of zirconium / e-max crown / bridge prostheses has increased in recent years. In full porcelain prosthesis, coatings can be made entirely from porcelain material without infrastructure or can be made using a white infrastructure. In addition, since the light transmittance of full porcelain restorations is very close to natural tooth enamel, they create a more natural and aesthetic appearance.


Can zirconium / e-max prostheses be used in individuals with metal allergies?
The use of metal-supported porcelain coatings in individuals with metal allergy can cause allergic reactions, full porcelain (zirconium / e-max) coatings eliminate these problems.


How to decide which full porcelain system to apply?
After a detailed clinical and radiological examination of the patient, aesthetic applications are successfully applied after choosing the most suitable material.


How to care for full porcelain crown / bridge prostheses?
Routine maintenance of full porcelain fixed prostheses should be done by using a toothbrush and toothpaste as in natural teeth. Interfaces of the prostheses should be cleaned using superfloss type floss and interface brush. Annual routine dentist control should not be disrupted.



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