Box Technique
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Box Technique

What is the Box Technique?
It is an application that allows implants in patients with excessive melting in the jaw bones. In this technique, it is not necessary to remove bone blocks from the patient, special ready bone materials and poly D, L-lactic acid (PDLLA) are used. In the melting parts of the jaw bone, a wall is formed with materials that disappear on their own and they are filled with bone powders. Thus, not only do they need to be removed with a second operation, but at the end of the appropriate period, the bone that can be implanted is formed.


What is the Treatment Time?
4-6 months are expected for bone formation before implant application. If there is little bone for implant application, implants can be placed in the same session. In cases where implants cannot be placed, the implant is placed following bone formation. Prostheses are made after a waiting period of about 2 months.


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