Bonding & Whitening
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Bonding & Whitening

What is Bonding?

It is a very popular aesthetic dentistry application that has no harm to the teeth and can be applied very quickly. It is a very successful technique used in the aesthetic correction of tooth fractures, gaps, deformities and some position disorders.


What are the advantages of bonding?

The most important advantage is that it is an aesthetic application that does not require any abrasion in the tooth. Since they are very well attached to dental tissues, they support dental tissues and make them resistant to breaks. It is a very fast technique. It can be completed in one session. Hot and cold sensitivity is very unlikely. There is no waiting time with amalgam fillings, the patient can eat comfortably after treatment.


Is bonding applicable to everyone?

Yes, it can be applied to everyone. However, patients with bruxism (clenching and grinding) habits or parafunctional habits (opening the bottle cap, biting a pencil etc.) with the front teeth should be warned and precautions should be taken.


How long is the life of bonding?

Bonding period of mouth is about 7-10 years. However, this time may be shortened as long as the person is properly focused with oral care.


Is special care required for bonded teeth?

Since its attachment to tooth enamel is very strong, there is no situation that requires much attention. It is no different from normal teeth in terms of care.


Whitening (Belaching)

Today, bleaching is applied in two ways to whiten the color of the teeth; Office and Home type …

The Office Type; application is a system that is fully controlled by the physician and in the clinic. It can be applied to one tooth, several teeth or both upper and lower teeth. A beam that accelerates the whitening is applied on the bleaching agent applied to the tooth. The desired whiteness can be achieved in 2 or 3 sessions.


Home type:

It is a method used by the physician to measure the patient’s teeth and with a plate prepared in full compliance with this measure. Whitening is achieved by placing the patient with this plaque on the teeth together with the whitening agent at night. It may be recommended to repeat 2 or 3 nights.


Correct diagnosis and correct use of the right substance is very important in the whitening process. Otherwise, thinning and excessive sensitivity to the enamel of the teeth, burning and withdrawal of the gums may occur. Proper use is only possible under physician control.


The teeth whitening process that will be applied to you does not cause any harm to the teeth and preserves its whiteness for 1-1.5 years even in people who have high consumption of cigarettes and tea and coffee. For those who do not have a habit of smoking and coffee, a permanent whiteness lasting 3-4 years can be achieved.



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