All On Four
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All On Four

What is All On Four?
All on four technique is a technique that has been used for 10 years and has proven scientific success. In the technique, 2 implants are placed at the back of the jaws at an angle of 30 – 35 degrees, while the other 2 are placed in the front. When the bone in the lower jaw region of the molar region melts, the lower jaw nerve (n.alveolaris inferior) passing through it, and the maxillary sinuses in the upper jaw prevent implantation to these areas. Advanced surgical techniques are needed to implant them, which means approximately 1 year of treatment and high cost for the patient. In the all on four technique, it gives the patient a chance to make a fixed prosthesis in front of these anatomical obstacles. Patients receive implants in the morning in the All on four technique and have temporary fixed prostheses in the evening. After 3-4 months, permanent main prostheses are made. During this period, patients do not live without teeth.


How is the treatment done?
In all on four treatment, temporary prostheses are prepared from patients before the treatment. If the patient has teeth to be extracted under local anesthesia, they are removed and their implants are placed. Temporary prostheses made by measuring the implants from the patients are applied to these implants.


After All On Four
Patients should use the medication regularly and not eat hot for a few days. Dental implants made with all on four patients should not eat hard foods under any circumstances during temporary prosthetics. Patients should definitely be fed a soft diet. This is because the load on dental implants is reduced. In permanent prostheses made after 3 months, they can start normal food consumption.


Implants and prostheses are performed on the same day without the need for advanced surgical techniques. Patients come with their movable prosthesis and go home with their fixed prosthesis in the evening of the same day. The problem of the operation is very small, since there is no pressure on the wounds.


Why is that?
The all-on-four treatment concept is the technique in which fixed full-jaw prosthetic restoration is performed on 4 -6 implants on the same day as the surgical operation for patients who will be toothless and soon toothless. It ensures patient satisfaction by considering function, aesthetics, taste, speech and self-confidence.


Treatment Time Is Too Short
It is the most important advantage of operation time and total treatment time. Angular placement of the posterior region implants prevents the need for bone graft and time loss.


The all-on-four treatment concept is not only a time-saving treatment method, but also a less costly method compared to traditional implant treatment methods in patients who will remain completely edentulous and edentulous.


Best Results, Even in Difficult Situations
Longer implants can be used by angling the posterior region implants. This method increases bone-implant contact and prevents vertical bone augmentation. In addition, implants placed at an angle receive support from the anterior region with better bone quality, and damage to the anatomical structures is prevented.


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