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Zirconia and Veneer Porcelain Treatment

Flawless and white teeth are the wish of many people. This is done thanks to Zirconium or Veneer.

* Lightly intertwined teeth
* Rusty yellow or very dark teeth
* Teeth that can not be opened with bleaching
* If there are gaps between the teeth

Zirconium and Veneer application gives very good results ...


Zircon teeth have the highest qualities to date, which are the basic requirements of dentistry, aesthetics, durability, tissue compatibility and naturalness. Every day in aesthetic dentistry, the metal is removed from the porcelain structures. In this system, which has all the desired properties such as biological compatibility, natural image, aesthetic and mechanical resistance, zirconium is used instead of metal as a white alloy. The zirconium porcelains are so aesthetically pleasing that they can be used in the front teeth as well as they are safe to use in the back teeth. These systems increase the quality of life of the people.

* Does not produce gray coloration at the gingival level and looks like a natural tooth.
* Does not cause allergic reactions.
* Compared to full ceramic coating and lamine coatings, it is much stronger and has a stability close to metal substructure.
* Zircon thermal conductivity is less than other coatings.


The aesthetic Veneer porcelain, which is thinned only from the front surfaces of the teeth by a leaf thickness, is applied to the thickness of the leaves. The light transmittance is 80% and adds natural smile to you and the opposite side and is indistinguishable from the real tooth. The color of the laminates is chosen by your doctor with the help of your doctor from among the best shades to your skin and facial color, and the most suitable aesthetic lamina to suit you is prepared by our dentists, prepared and prepared by our dental technicians.