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Transparent Plate Cordless Dental Correction

Orthodontics, which means correcting the teeth, is a specialty in dentistry. It tries to bring the alignment problems of the teeth in the mouth and the relation of the lower jaw and upper jaw to the ideal position. Orthodontic therapy is both aesthetic and functional. With orthodontic treatment, you will be able to get a better smile. Correction of the curved teeth will prevent both digestive system healthier work and accumulation of food waste on the teeth. It will be possible to prevent tooth decay in this respect.

Orthodontics science improves by interrupting the structure of teeth that are damaged by nail eating, finger sucking, negative breathing such as mouth breathing. Nowadays, it is possible to straighten the curved teeth with the help of metal wires or brackets. In addition to this, ceramic brackets can be used instead of metal if aesthetic appearance is desired. Can be used with ceramic brackets or plastic brackets for aesthetic appearance.

Another orthodontic treatment method today is the correction of curved teeth with transparent plaque method. Transparent appliances are prepared with the help of a computer according to the ideal position of the teeth. During the treatment period, 8-15 plaques are prepared. These plaques are used in sequence by changing them in certain periods. Each time the plates are changed, force is applied to the teeth and the teeth are pushed towards the required position. Transparent plaques that need to be worn 22 hours a day should be removed at meal time. On very special occasions it is possible to keep your private life by removing the plaques. However, if the plaques are not inserted regularly, the treatment may result in failure and failure.

Is the transparent plaque the same as the transparent plaque?
Transparent plate (transparent plate) used for straightening the curved teeth and transparent dentin are usually mixed together.

Transparent aparey is also prepared on the tooth plate. The patient can attach and remove the plate itself. At this point, as long as the plaque is in the mouth, the tooth is moved by the force of the tooth.

When translucent teeth are called, there is a method in which force is applied by pushing the brackets pasted on the teeth through the arc. Fixed bracket material is made of plastic or porcelain material. You need to know that it is a treatment applied by sticking on the teeth.

How much is orthodontic treatment fees for transparent appliances and transparent dental braids?
Depending on the difficulty of orthodontic treatment, the material to be used and the labor to be spent will be different. therefore, the price may be higher in patients with advanced problems. For simple cases, we can come up with the cost of cheaper orthodontic treatment than we think. It is necessary to make an appointment for the orthodontist of patients complaining of the Curry teeth that they should make, and they should learn the treatment prices to be done to them when they arrive and act accordingly.

It is widely thought that orthodontic treatment is applied to children in society. In fact, orthodontic treatment can be successfully applied to people of all ages. In order for the treatment to take a short time and to obtain good results, it is recommended that treatment is carried out especially at the age of adolescence.

You can get information from our clinic for the best correction to be applied to your teeth.