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Treatment by Sedation

Are you getting very uncomfortable during dental treatment?

In that case, the Treatment with Sedation applied by the General Anesthesiology Dentist is for you.

Sedation is the process of making your treatments while you are asleep as it is in general anesthesia. However, unlike general anesthesia, you will wake up when the treatment is over and the side effects are insignificant compared to general anesthesia. With sedation, your treatments can be done easily while you are asleep. If the process lasts for 1 hour and lasts for 3 hours, you feel like it's finished in 10 minutes. Until now, hundreds of patients treated with sedation in our clinic have expressed to us that it is very easy and convenient for them to process.

In addition, sedative procedures are much quicker than when you are awake because you are sleeping because your water and saliva residues that accumulate in your mouth are cleared and you do not have to stop and spit during the procedure. Because of the short duration of the procedure, things are not so much encountered.

If you are postponing your treatment because you are afraid, let's do your treatment while you are sleeping with your doctor who is experienced in sedation.