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Bonding Whitening


1) What is Bonding?

It is a very popular application of aesthetic dentistry that can be applied quickly and without any harm to the teeth. It is a very successful technique used in the aesthetic correction of fractures, gaps, deformities, some position disorders in the teeth.

2) What are the advantages of Bonding?

The most important advantage is that it is an aesthetic application that does not require any etching of teeth. They are very well attached to the dental tissues, supporting the tooth tissues and making them resistant to breakage. It's a very fast technique. One seansta can be completed. Hot and cold sensitivity is unlikely to be seen. There is no waiting period which is also filled with amalgam fillings and the patient can eat comfortably after the treatment.

3) Can Bonding anyone apply?

Yes everyone can apply. However, patients should be warned and measures should be taken if they are habit of bruxism or parafunctional habits made with the front teeth (opening the bottle cap, pen bite, etc.).

4) How long is the life of the bottling?

Bondings are about 7-10 years in the mouth. However, it can be shortened as the person is properly focused on oral care.

6) Do I need special care for the teeth that have been treated with bonding?

There is no need to pay much attention because the dental cross-linking is very strong. There is no difference in maintenance from normal teeth.


Nowadays, the whitening - bleaching process to whiten the teeth of the teeth is applied in two ways; Office and home type ...

The Office Type application is a totally physician-controlled and clinically applied system. It can be applied together with one tooth, several teeth or both lower and upper teeth. The whitening accelerator beam, which activates the substance on the whitening agent, is applied. The desired whiteness can be achieved in 2 to 3 seanstas. House type:

It is a method applied by the physician to take the measurement of the patient's teeth and to be applied to the plate prepared in perfect accordance with this measure. Whilst the patient is lying on the bed at night, whitening is achieved by placing the bleaching agent together with the teeth. Repetition of 2 or 3 nights may be advisable.

It is very important that the correct diagnosis and proper use of the correct substance in the bleaching process. Otherwise, thinning and excessive sensitivity in the teeth of the teeth, burning and withdrawal in the gums may occur. Correct use is only possible with physician control.

The tooth whitening that will be applied to you does absolutely no harm to the teeth and maintains its whiteness for 1-1,5 years even for those who have a lot of cigarettes and tea and coffee consumption. For those who do not have cigarettes and coffee habits, a permanent whiteness of 3-4 years can be achieved.