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İmplant Treatment

What is the implant?
Tooth implants or dental implants; are made in the form of screws or roots made of titanium, which are placed in the jawbone and intended to heal the bone around this implant and accept it as a part of itself.

How is the implant done?
Dental implants; a surgical procedure is performed at the appropriate position for the implant planned to be performed on the jawbone by opening the nest of the diameter and length. Because implant placement is a surgical procedure, the quality of the materials used and the environment are some of the most important criteria for achieving sterilization and hygiene conditions. For implant surgery, local anesthesia, that is, only the anesthetizing of the operated area is sufficient.

What is the duration of implant treatment?
Generally, one week is enough for your implant treatment. In addition, it is possible to make a treatment in 1 day thanks to the self-suturing suture, but in this case the temporary prosthesis can not be used. The first stage of your treatment is implant therapy, and in the second phase, between 3 and 6 months, the implant is expected to boil into your bone and then the porcelain will be placed on the implant within 1 week.

Can implant be done in every patient?
Bone structure appropriateness in patients with good general health status who have completed the age of growth development can be implanted after evaluation with a panoramic X-ray (X-ray). If you have chronic illness such as sugar, blood pressure or heart, your implant can be applied if your disease is under control.

What are the implications for bone failure in the implantable region?
In some cases, the region to be implanted may not have the appropriate amount of bone for various reasons. In this case, after careful examination and evaluation by our jaw surgeon, bone volume can be removed to desired dimensions by performing bone formation procedures (augmentation, bone graft application, bone graft application, box technique).

What is Sinus Lifting?
Upper canene is a process of implanting bone graft / sulcus into the sinus cavity and making these regions suitable for implantation in cases where the space called sinus is not permissible for implantation.

Can implant be done immediately after tooth extraction?
In most cases, if the bone structure in the area to be implanted is suitable, implantation can be performed very easily immediately after tooth extraction. In general, the implant is supported by the addition of bone dust to the post-operative region.

Is the brand of implants important?
There are many implant brands available today due to the increased use. The fact that the implant company is in a very long-term market brings with it a lot of experience. Firms reflect these experiences on their implants, ensuring that the implants serve the best. It is also an advantage for the implant to be comfortable to be found in many different purpose parts, which are called the intermediate parts of the implants. It is important that the implant brand is a quality certified product that the treating physician believes and experiences.

Is implant treatment done by sleep?
Sedation is the general anesthesia applied by the General Anesthesiology Dentist and is the process of making your treatments while you are asleep. However, unlike general anesthesia, you do not need to stay in the hospital at the end of the treatment and the side effects are not enough to be compared with general anesthesia. With sedation, your treatments are easy when you are asleep and all your treatment is completed within 2-4 hours when you wake up.