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Frequently Asked Questions

How is the quality of the foreign treatment and prosthetic teeth?

The quality of treatment is not related to the country where the treatment was performed. Our clinic guarantees that you will be careful with high technology devices   and guarantees   to you in writing   after written treatment   for implant treatments for life, all other treatments are guaranteed for 5 years (inlay, empress lamina, metal-supported porcelain, zirconium, mobile prosthetic treatments)  .

Who Can I Consult When I Return to the Country After the Treatment?

When your treatment is complete, the dental clinic in Istanbul gives you 5 years of porcelain treatment, guaranteeing the life of the implant. You can call us, we can help you with oral / photographic.

Of course, you can apply to any dentist for a fee after this time. In this way, minor problems can be solved quickly.

What is Implant?

Implants in modern dentistry are used in one or more tooth deficiencies. Implants have the task of missing tooth root. With the porcelain to be made on this surface, all the functions of the real tooth have been performed in the best way. In addition, porcelain bridges make it possible to complete the missing teeth as well as to ensure that the intact teeth on both sides of the gap are not eroded and intact and the integrity of the teeth is preserved. As the dental functions in the implanted region continue, the bone defect in that region is stopped.

Is There a Age Limit for Implant Applications?

Any age implant can be applied. However, it is decided after the examination that the jawbone is sufficient. The amount of jaw bone, the quality of the bone, the teeth present in the mouth are influenced by this black matter.

When can I use the Implants I have made in full?

After a comprehensive examination, your physician decides which type of implant will be suitable for you. In some cases porcelain teeth and implants can be applied on the same day. Teeth can start to be used that day. In some cases osseointegration between two to six months (boil with bone implant) is expected. Once the osseointegration is complete, the porcelain tooth can be placed on the implant.

Do Implants Have Side Effects And How Long Is The Life Of Implants?

There is no side effect of implants made according to the rules. The implant material is non-allergenic and tissue compatible. Depending on the structure of the jawbone and after treatment, there is a duration of use that lasts for at least 15 to 25 years or for a lifetime.

Is There A Diabetes Or Heart And Is It Implantable Again?

If your disease is under control and no doctor-controlled disease is a barrier to implantation.

Lamina is made of very fine porcelain, is it strong enough?

Although the veneers are made of very thin porcelain, they are glued to the tooth with a special bonding system and, after bonding, are at least as firm as your own teeth. It is not possible under normal circumstances to break the thread from the thread after lamination has adhered. If you have a problem with dental problems after laminating the lamina, the lamina may be eroded as a tooth and cleaned and if necessary a filler or a lamina can be made again.